Securibly Cybersecurity Partner Program Logo

Securibly Cybersecurity Program Partners are companies that have taken steps to leverage Securibly’s CC Shield platform to implement a cybersecurity program. Resources available to Program Partners include cybersecurity policies and procedures, cybersecurity awareness training for employees, incident response procedures and the ability to conduct periodic risk assessments, among other things.

A strong cybersecurity program is paramount for small businesses in the 21st century, and the Securibly Cybersecurity Program Partner seal represents critical and proactive measures taken by a Securibly customer.

Entrusting your business and information with a Securibly Cybersecurity Program Partner means entrusting a company that cares about protecting your information. Thank you for supporting our partners.

Disclaimer: The Securibly Cybersecurity Program Partner logo in no way certifies that a Program Partner is in compliance with applicable laws or that its policies and procedures will prevent unauthorized breaches of information. It is merely an indication that the Program Partner has subscribed to Securibly’s CC Shield platform with the objective of advancing its cybersecurity practices.