Cybersecurity compliance software for independent insurance companies

Our cybersecurity compliance platform gives independent insurance agencies, public adjusters, BGAs and others the ability to comply with data security laws and regulations, new and old. From GLBA to New York’s 23 NYCRR 500 to the NAIC Data Security Model Law, we have you covered now and into the future.

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Are you breaking the law?

You might be, if you haven’t implemented:

A process for conducting periodic cybersecurity risk assessments

Limitations on data retention

An incident response plan and process

A third-party diligence process

All required policies for your cybersecurity program

Conduct your own Risk Assessment,
no expertise required

You answer some simple questions about your company and your cybersecurity practices. Our proprietary algorithm scores your risk in key threat areas automatically. No need to hire an expensive consultant.

Establish the policies and procedures
you need to comply

Our best in class policy templates cover third parties, data retention, incident response and general data security. Keep track of your policies and what is in draft or approved. All built on industry standards and essential for meeting legal and regulatory requirements.


States with new cybersecurity requirements

Get up and running in minutes

The CC Shield platform is powerful, easy-to-use and a fraction of the cost of any alternative.

Take cybersecurity compliance off of your plate for good.